Chuẩn đầu ra ngành Sư phạm Ngữ văn 2017

Thứ hai - 05/09/2022 16:25
Chuẩn đầu ra ngành Sư phạm Ngữ văn 2017
PLO1. Apply knowledge of language, literature, and culture in the process of teaching the subject
PLO2. Design and implement lesson plans; know how to analyze and evaluate the subject's lectures
PLO3. Analyze and process student test results
PLO4. Apply specialized knowledge in scientific research
PLO5. Have a basic knowledge base for self-study and lifelong learning
PLO6. Have teamwork, communication, reading, presentation and publication skills of scientific research project;
PLO7. Be able to communicate in English and have a level 3 in English according to European standards
PLO8. Use modern software and technical equipment to solve problems in research and teaching;
PLO9. Know the responsibilities, powers, professional ethics and respect the laws of the state.
PLO10. Understand and comply with regulatory documents related to major such as the Education Law, codes and standards, and current circulars

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