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Vi Thuy Linh has been a special poetry phenomenon in many talented female poetesses of Vietnamese poetry after 1986. From the first piece of poetry, with feminine characteristics in creative personality, "The poet of love" has brought poetry strange "whirlwinds" of different words (a massive range of sophisticated words). Basically, artistic innovation is an arduous, solitary, passionate journey to find the Otherness. “The Othereness is like the motivation for developing literature (…), especially poetry, the main genre of literature”. By discoursing upon sexual aesthetics, expressing the divinity of a woman yearning to become a Lover, a Mother, etc, Vi Thuy Linh has established her position of the “personhood of woman” - actually touches the power of the Otherness, has clearly shaped in Dong Tu. The power of her "female writing" has also been manifested in the ability to use language with a feminine identity to praise the body of women.

Full paper:https://jshe.vn/index.php/jshe/article/view/873
Cite as: Bui Bich Hanh, & Tran Hai Duong. (2020). “PERSONHOOD OF WOMAN” - POWER OF “OTHERNESS” IN “DONG TU” OF VI THUY LINH. UED Journal of Social Sciences, Humanities and Education10(1), 7-26. https://doi.org/10.47393/jshe.v10i1.873

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